Please feel free to use these forms as they appear, as you need, but kindly keep the copyright information on them, so that all are free to use them, the way they appear. Some of these were developed for specific spa settings that may not be applicable to your facility—and therefore not directly useful for you— but might be helpful in considering how to create your own forms.



This article is on the benefits, contraindications and other useful tips related to the practice of self-administered abhyanga. Abhyanga is a practice most people can safely do at home, on their own and this helps guide them to begin that practice appropriately. It is useful for guest, patient or student education.

Introduction to Ayurveda

This is useful for patient/guest/student education.  It covers the very basic philosophy of Ayurveda, especially as it relates to a spa setting.

Contraindications for abhyanga, pizichil and swedana

This guideline is for therapist reference and education.

Guest Questionnaire

This form is for guests/patients to complete. It helps a therapist or practitioner determine the guest’s prakruti, vikruti, if they have contraindications for one of the treatments, and how to modify treatments according to certain conditions. This is especially helpful to have at a spa that offers abhyanga, pizichil or shirodhara without an Ayurvedic practitioner overseeing the treatments.

Shamana Oils

This is an information/reference sheet to assist therapists in choosing appropriate oils for simple shamana treatments and which essential oils are indicated for each client, if essential oils are used. Again, this is useful especially if there is not a trained Ayurvedic practitioner on-site.

Marmas and Shamana and Oils

This is a brief guide to which marmas, base oils, essential oils and/or medicinal oils could be used for certain conditions or doshas or for swedana.