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SA Certification is an international benchmarking program, which involves an extensive document review, facility inspection and facility personnel interviews. SA Certification is granted to qualified facilities, distinguishing them as industry leaders, both to the industry and to the consumer. It represents a dedication to the highest business principles, customer service operations and health and wellness standards.

To gain SA certification, a spa must undergo the process outlined below.


SA Certification procedure:
(in this order)

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  • SA staff reviews the application. If it is determined that the criteria are likely to be met, a determination is made as to how many site visitors will be necessary (This depends on how large the facility is and the scope of treatments being offered. For a spa it is common for there only to be one site visitor.) SA staff contacts the applicant to arrange for a site visit. If it is determined that the criteria are not likely to be met, the applicant is informed as to what they may do to become eligible for a site visit.
  • The site visitor/s visit the facility and checks to assure that all the information submitted in the application is correct. The facility should make their staff and therapists available to meet with the site visitor and be able to demonstrate that they are complying with each criterion the way they have indicated in the application. The site visitor will need to either witness a demonstration of each spa treatment offered or to experience them.
  • The site visitor does not certify the facility. The site visitor/s will only report to the facility the substance of what they will be reporting to SA, at the conclusion of their visit, but will not divulge what their recommendations to SA will be.
  • The facility has an opportunity to respond to the site visitor/s to clear up any factual misunderstandings or errors at that time.
  • Site visitor/s leave the facility, make their report to SA and submit their recommendations either for certification acceptance, decline or conditional certification. This report and recommendation is submitted within two weeks of the site visit.
  • SA makes a determination and grants either conditional certification, certification decline, or full certification. If it is full, it is granted for 5 years, at which time the spa will need to reapply for certification. A certificate will be mailed or emailed to the facility. If certification is conditional, the conditions are made clear and a follow up site visit will be arranged to assure that the conditions have been met. If certification is declined, the reasons are given in writing within one month of the site visit. One way or another, the facility will be notified of the determination within one month of the site visit.

If you have questions regarding the SA Certification process, check our Frequently Asked Questions section, or Contact us.

All site visits are conducted by trained SAT staff. If more than one visitor is needed, there will be a team leader. SA determines how many site visitors will be needed.
Site visitors may or may not be experts in subject matter. They are trained to be able to determine that the facility has accurately reported their procedures and protocols in their Application.

Certification Benefits

  • Industry Respect: With SA certification you will join the select group of facilities who have displayed their farsightedness in taking proactive measures to ensure that their guests are receiving authentic, safe, effective Ayurveda treatments. SA certified facilities are recognized as innovative pioneers.
  • Consumer Confidence: SA Guests can trust that the Ayurvedic program offered at your spa is authentic and safe. Certification provides consumers a hallmark to identify your facility as one committed to practicing and offering high quality, authentic, safe Ayurveda, and to your dedication to offering the highest standards in customer service. SA’s trustees, advisors and staff are individuals who have earned reputations for authenticity and integrity in the field of Ayurveda. They extend that trust to include you, as they lend their expertise to the evaluation and certification processes.
  • Logo: SA certified facilities are welcome to use the SA certification logo on all marketing, promotional and advertising materials.
  • Listing on the SA website: SA certified spas have the opportunity to be featured on the SAT website as a recommended, distinguished resource.



Fees for Grade I certification (valid for 5 years) USD 500 + site visitor fees
Fees for Grade II certification Kindly contact us
Fees for Grade III certification Kindly contact us
Fees for re-certification Generally these will be similar to the initial certification fees
Applicant will be responsible for site visitor(s) air and ground transportation to and from the site, accommodations, meals and incidentals, including internet access and a reasonable stipend. Contact us for further information.