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Satya Ayurveda (SA) is an independent, non-government and a not for profit organization. The main objective of SA is to provide education and a standard for the practice of Ayurveda as it is employed internationally in health spas, centers, clinics and hospitals, to ensure its safe, authentic, and effective use.


I. Education
  • Provide educational support for individual practices, spas, centers, clinics and hospitals to help them implement Ayurveda in an authentic, effective, and safe manner.
  • Provide education and training for massage therapists, practitioners and students of Ayurveda, to be able to offer authentic, effective, and safe treatments according to the practices of traditional Ayurveda, within their scope of practice.
II. Certification
  • Provide standardized and internationally accepted guidelines for the way Ayurveda is employed in spas, centers, clinics and hospitals that offer Ayurveda treatments.
  • Create different grades or levels of certification so that each facility can choose to apply for a grade of their choice and even work their way up through the different grades.
  • Certify Ayurveda spas, centers, clinics and hospitals, ensuring that they are providing services that meet the standardized guidelines, offering a hallmark for people to recognize when they are looking for an authentic, safe, effective healing experience. There would be a fee for this certification. All facilities desiring this certification could voluntarily apply for it. For more information on certification, click here.
III. Provide Practical Support for Spas or Centers Applying for Certification

While we understand that each applicant center will have its own flavor and style, we will strive to provide practical support for it to meet SAT certification requirements in the following ways.

  • Provide specialized training for practitioners of Ayurveda to become “qualified trainers” who can, in turn, train spas/centers’ staff to administer Ayurveda treatments, such as shirodhara, abhyanga, etc. or to train staff in fundamental principles of Ayurveda.
  • Provide a list of trained practitioners, therapists, trainers or supervisors to spa/center applicants.
  • Provide guidelines for centers wishing to meet certification requirement.
  • Provide support paperwork templates for the spa/center to use. You will find these on our Useful Forms page.
IV. Provide High-End Experiential Workshops to Ayurveda Spas & Centers

These workshops would be primarily transformational; designed to support practical application of principles of Ayurveda into daily life, being perhaps ultimately more educational than information-packed seminar formats. This “experience event” could be offered to anyone, including particularly spa managers, staff, etc., to assist them to learn how they might emulate such programs for guests in their spas. Thus instead of simply offering a menu of treatments, the spa (or one wing of it) could become a small Ayurveda community to introduce people to the practical benefits of dinacharya. These “experience events” would include:

  • Application of Ayurveda principles based on flows of energies according to the seasons, ages of participants, times of day, etc.
  • Application of Dinacharya program within the Rtucharya.
  • Cooking and eating simple easily digestible meals, again based on Ayurveda principles.
  • Yoga & meditation classes.
  • Other opportunities for direct participation in personal transformation.
  • Evenings could offer informal reflections of the events of the day, led by inspired guest presenters who are comfortable with a spontaneous approach, using conversation as a tool for contemplation on Vedic philosophy, music, medicine, yoga, etc.
  • The option for a 2-3 hour lecture that is rich in theory on Ayurveda or a related science, at an appropriate point in the day.
  • Provide certified spas, centers, clinics and hospitals with a list of experienced instructors of Ayurveda, Yoga, Sangita (classical Indian music / gandharva veda), etc. around whom experiential workshops can be created.
  • Provide certified spas, centers, clinics and hospitals with program outlines for different experiential workshops.

See our SA Workshops and Trainings page for current offerings.